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Sunday, 30 January 2011 - an interview exclusive by Paulo Burro
(writer, athlete & college senior of San Beda College)

PB: How would you describe your music?
BRIT: It’s unpredictable. Infectious. Simply you can describe it as a FREEDOM or LIBERTY of dance music! NO rules NO inhibitions! It’s something like a fiction book or indie movie full of passion, art and expression. I always make sure my set is always innovative whenever I perform each of its kind. I love to play and have fun with my audience because they shell out and revelry with you to get their reward of a great night party!

PB: Who were your influences?
BRIT: From International they are Carl Cox, Takyu Isshino, Ritchie Hawtin, Terry Francis, Todd Terry, Eric Morillo, Danny Tenaglia, Seb Fontaine, Mike Monday, Zoo Brazil, Dubfire, Avicii, Roger Sanchez, Junior Sanchez, Green Velvet, Derrick May, Josh Wink, Laurent Garnier, Daft Punk, Dirty South, Armand Van Helden, Marco Bailey, Mark Knight & Funkagenda, Afrojack, Crookers, Fake Blood, Deadmau5 and lot more!

All-time international favorite : Carl Cox!

From local they are Jesse Gonzales of DMC, Phils. and (formerly of XB102), Joey Lim & Dj Shadow (both formerly of 89DMZ), Boo Kyler (99.5RT), Mon Maramba (formerly of Euphoria), Toti Dalmacion, Edge Pamute & Cocoy Puyat (all formerly of Groove Nation).

All-time local favorite: All of the above! As my gurus and friend to them, I grew up with their music! With warm of respect.

PB: How has being a dj modeled you as a person?
BRIT: You will learn not only how to discipline and respect yourself but take seriously your craft as well. I never knew dj had lots of responsibilities not just by playing music but also appreciate different cultures, races, religion and varied audiences globally making your music as language in a united groove. You always have to consider them when performing in a way you don’t compromise your talent, because on the other hand, they come as they believe you can pull things up every time you dish-out a set.

PB: What does your parents think about you being a DJ?
BRIT: LOL! Mind you they are my coolest supporter in the universe! Mom is graduate of Conservatory of Music (Major in Piano) in University of Santo Tomas. Dad sings very well. They even attend my gigs!

PB: When did you first realize that you’ve made it big in the industry? What was your first shot at fame?
BRIT: I remember I grew up with my JVC beatbox during late 80’s and a SONY player with me most of the time listening to XB102, 99.5RT, 89DMZ & NU107! It was 1995 when I was practicing only with my first 2 vinyls (Missing by Everything But the Girl and Momo Beats of Luther Vandross) and 2 units Mk turntables courtesy of a dj/mobile friend Luigi and Tatong in a grungy house in Manila until neighbors and bystanders started to pour in when I do practice sets, sometimes they ask me to spin while on a drinking binge while it was like a party! Then someone told me why not try to dj in Malate where I live nearby because my music is unique. And so I did some jam gigs in 1996 in first and original al-fresco bar BLUE CAFÉ in Malate owned by fab and glam John Glenn in which those times bars were not visible yet in Malate!

My first shot to fame was in 1998 at POLITIXX, Malate owned by Ms. Annette Ablan and was mentored by Wopzy Zamora. It was primarily a simple bar but after its huge success they turned it into a two-storey live theater (2nd floor) and clubbing (ground floor) another first and original of its kind not only Malate but entire Philippines. Patrons are mixed from both local and international clients including the who’s who in Manila’s society. Even the part owners Edna and Ralph are very supportive in which am thankful, being their first formal resident dj. The club was featured in Mabuhay International Magazine and tagged me as Manila’s Premier DJ. Then rest is history.

PB: With your hectic schedule how do find time for yourself?
BRIT: If my schedule permits I do workout as much as possible 4 times a week and yoga. Read at home or any POWERBOOKS outlet. HDVD-thons or go late night mall movies where few people roam. Turn off any kind of any gadgets/tv/stereo/laptop even my mobile phone to avoid any noise nor disturbances and sleep a day or two! Honestly, I stay away from crowded places as much as possible I prefer out of town for a swim or scuba dive. It’s the exact opposite of what I’m doin’ as a dj, am aloof person by nature.

PB: What sets you apart from the many emerging Dj’s ?
BRIT: Am I? In fact, some said it is very hard to get my services here locally because I am very expensive, my genre is too deep and “maldito” (means rebuke) when it comes to technical requirements, that is not all true. I do not also believe I’m apart from any other djs, maybe it’s a perception because the way or who I am. I just know how to set my standards as a professional because I can deliver the goods. I think “good djs are not known!” there’s a lot talented ones waiting to be discovered somewhere out there. Some taking chances.

PB: How do you compose your new beats? Where do you draw your inspirations?
BRIT: Ableton and Native Instruments software. I’m inspired when am f----d up! When am down and out! Something like the whole crap fell on me! From these I’ll take a quiet moment and collect myself then revert it on a positive disposition to come up with great thoughts!

PB: What genre/s do you play?
BRIT: Ever since I started djing I like house, funk, electro, progressive, tribal, trance and techno. I always love to experiment integrating these genres but of course not to overlook the basics.

PB: Do you have any albums?
BRIT: I had already released ELECTROHOUSE.05 exclusive/limited promo in 2005. Now, I actually finished an all-original electronica dance album under concession with one of international labels hopefully to be released this year.

PB: Is it ok to give us a sneak what to expect in your album?
BRIT: Ok. It has many firsts! Aside from all-original compositions, the tracks were crafted on each different approach technically. Some of my tracks even used Filipino ethnic instruments for fresh Oriental twist. I like visioning even it seems crazy to think you are hoping your music can be played after 50 years! I wish! LOL! But seriously, as an artist I’d like to come up something that it is simple yet surreal! Plus a lot more! People longing themselves for inimitable dance music for a breather from the usual nor even to get away from anything for just an hour or so, can have this as perfect companion!


Top DJ gives back
Thursday, 29 October 2009 - from Philstar.com

MANILA, Philippines - To evolve in his usual foray every time he performs is the trademark of reluctant superstar DJ Brit.

What is interesting is he never loses style-mix power to upfront new tunes that are currently making waves on all the right dance floors from clubs to arenas. Brit is always thumbs up and gets the party going. That is why The DJ List, world’s largest dj directory recognizes him in the ranks as one of Top 500 djs out of 200,000 plus. He belongs to the Top 50 Electro artists worldwide and RP’s No.1.

With all the blessings that have come his way, Brit wants to give back in a special project called BRIT in O.N.E (One. Neutral. Exhilarating) White Halloween Ball tomorrow, Oct. 30 at SUBZERO 3rd floor Commerce Bldg., Festival Mall, Alabang.

Presented by SUBZERO with Informatics College Eastwood, DJB, PrettyLooks and Suigeneris, the dance event for a cause will benefit victims of Ondoy specifically in the areas of Brgy. Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City, Riverside Village, Pasig City, Countryside Subdivision, Pasig City, St. Joseph Subdivision. Pasig City, De Castro Subdivision, Pasig City, Barangay Malandaya, Marikina City and Village East, Cainta City.

For details, call Migz Chua at 0932-4113778 and Fitz Guanlao at 0917-4185123). Wacth the video 1 and video 2 here.
Read this article on Philstar.com

The Magic at Enchanted Kingdom Lives On
Thursday, 15 October 2009 - in Events by Apryl Galang in CIRCUIT MAGAZINE

It was on October 19, 1995 when the gates of Enchanted Kingdom (EK) at Santa Rosa, Laguna formally opened to the public. With its 7 meticulously themed zones, over 23 rides & attractions, delectable food specialties, merchandise and spectacular entertainment, millions of guests have been continually enchanted over the last 14 years.

In line with their big revelry, a one-time 14th Anniversary Promo Special Regular Day Pass Rate of P320 on weekdays and P380 on weekends and holidays will be offered this month to commemorate original ticket price when the Park initially opened in 1995.

Opening the festivities with a bang are local pyrotechnics manufacturers showing off their skills and creativity in the weekly elimination rounds of our 2009 Annual Sky Wizardry Fireworks Competition on October 3-4, 10-11 and 17-18. Experience a double dose of fireworks every Saturday & Sunday of October, culminating in a spectacular display of lights that will set the skies of Santa Rosa aglow during the 2009 Annual Sky Wizardry Finals on October 24! A colorful Mardi Gras parade & party featuring Manila’s Premier Brit and other new energetic performances will also fire up this much-anticipated anniversary night.

Watch the video here >

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Finally, club land took a new hit dance wave again with Manila’s Premier BRIT!

Presented by San Miguel Beer Light, “(e)CLECTIC!” party held on August 28, 2009 at Technowave were thronged by coolest clubbers taking themselves into extremes with the sound of good vibes!

The eclectic dance format is a definite refreshment for the dance music industry. Brit played an array of dance mixes from genius previous to newest famous. It`s not just top 40 house but underground and electro versions of your favorite tunes. With Brit’s commitment to music, the party experience was indeed a celebration of innovation, creativity and diversity.

It was truly the tune of 21st Century featuring the best and coveted mixes with clubbers having fun, life and love for music!


C! featuring Brit
Thursday, 16 July 2009

The 5th  Annual C! Awards featured Manila’s Premier BRIT  for dj entertainment held at One Esplanade July 15, 2009!

It was an awards night like no other sponsored by ORIS WATCHES, AYALA LAND PREMIER and BPI FAMILY honoring the country’s finest automobiles  like PORSCHE, JAGUAR,  AUDI, BMW,  MERCEDES BENZ, etc. and the industry behind them.

Picture Brit performing and  surrounded by these foremost cars at the background, with  eclectic mix of guests lounged in front!  Brit started off by playing electro lounge beats ending up in electro-tribal-tech-progressive.  Guests posed near the  cars while others sashayed  amused with the tunes.  The infectious beats with a little help from fire dancers in Bora area complemented the event with Brit playing his versions of the track Fast Cars, Chasing Cars, Tokyo Drift and more.

The night was truly a world-class organized event, should we say simply the best! Huge Congratulations to C!

Brit Rocks Club E50 CDO
Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Amidst global economic slowdown hitting clubs and partyphiles nothing can stop Manila’s Premier BRIT, as he went to CDO  live in  “Recessionista”  last May 2, 2009 at Club E50.  The two-leveled club united with cool people with good vibes bashed until morning experiencing a first straight electrifying set from Brit. Pure energy reverberated in the club as it strikes past midnight, crowd jampacked the place, everybody dance in  sweat alongside, finding a place where to crawl after all, their hard work  gets a reward a good party indeed!


Thursday, 27 November 2008

PACHA Manila considered as <the club mecca> have thought long and hard about how to make a night stand out, something completely different from the rest. Located in the heart of Adriatico, Malate Manila (in front of Starbucks) the club is putting up a way to make a club go off!

After months of planning and devising finally signed up Manila’s Premier BRIT!  Reason? Owners believe Brit is simply ‘out-of the-box’!  He brings sophistication on the approach in the  future of dj, dance and club culture.  He reinvents and continuously innovates his style aligned the way clubbing should be.

The catch?  Its good to get yourself into PACHA Manila where Brit plays his original signature genre plus more of his underground stuff in “B.U.” SATURDAYS! Where fabulous atmosphere, great vibe, and its “only” magic thing about music!

First New Album or Single Release Reset
Thursday, 27 November 2008

It has been awhile the much talked about release of Brit’s single or album has been kept surprise. Sources say the collaboration with respected and  talented artists are the in the works and was just deferred next year 2009  due to individual hectic schedules but definitely in progression. 

As the anticipation grew based on feedback,  Brit is very much grateful and assure followers of an immense ‘work-of-art’ to their delight.

Shout to BRIT LIVE at South!
Friday, 04 July 2008

True to form, Manila’s Premier Dj BRIT LIVE! rocked a unique “house set” at Holy Rosary College  Stadium in Santa Rosa, Laguna (South of Luzon, Philippines) this 4th of July 2008.

Showing admirable support from the youth under close to a thousand, BRIT dished out  to their amazement surprising tracks turning the venue into “mass hysteria.”  Crowd break loose into excitement while he is being introduced at the same time teasing them with  his scratching samples before he dropped to play his first record, thus created pandemonium engaging BRIT  in his elevated dj stage/booth thronged by punting people with great vibe the whole set from start to finish.

As low-key BRIT funly says, “You should enjoy the same young people as they are, because the minute you are not, you are losing the plot!”

If you want to view  this one-of-a-kind event,  view  the hottest picks of videos here.

Manila’s Premier DJ BRIT! (Exclusive Circuit Set ) only at CLUB GOVERNMENT
Saturday, 22 March 2008

"Its style and substance! That's NOW how Manila's Premier DJ BRIT! weave different influences on his set EXCLUSIVELY heard only at Club Government.

Known for his hard-hitting underground foundation in his other residencies, but with support from Club Government and gay community, he experimented and created its own "circuit genre" intended for its clients. He also aims to take the club and its clients in the forefront of the global circuit arena.

In the sense, he described it by combining catchy vocals with genuinely gritty underground sounds which is notoriously difficult, yet its something the likes of towering emerge casually achieve with considerable aplomb. So the next time you come and a fresh tune doesn't catches you, listen again! 'Coz BRIT only delivers the best before others snitch as it rises.

He advises just get loose, unique and shaky! He wants you to be the future of circuit scene pioneered at re-invented Club Government!

As he always says "Nothing is permanent in this world except change!"


Brit Deviant @ Ten!
Monday, 10 March 2008

Numbers or ranking is not the name of the game. Whether you’re a top dj or not? It’s a commitment beyond talent. You do not believe in hype!

Even others contest the truth! Manila’s Premier DJ BRIT! is the “real thing” in dj clubbing history of his time! Nothing can stop Brit as he continues to bring fun, love and music to his fans as he stood still on his 10th year on November 2008 as professional dj/artist.

What’s exciting and latest buzz in Brit’s milestone is a benefit project (beneficiary depends on which he chooses) is being eyed-up by his friends and supporters.

If this pushes through according to source, with a final nod from Brit himself, who is very humble, quiet and simple and not fond of celebration (would you believe even in special occasions like his natal day!), this will be the first rime that Brit together with present and former club owners, djs he worked nationally and colleagues (from fashion, business, music and sports, etc) valued sponsors, specially the followers will gather for one night of unique party and surprises for a cause!

Everyone will be treated for a taste and experience the best of DJ BRIT! music how it evolved in years as performer. As they said just like wine “oaked and perfected”.

Will this happen? Stay glued in this site!


Brit Bares Some Skin?
Monday, 10 March 2008

As a former print, tv, ad endorser turned professional dj/artist – Manila’s Premier DJ BRIT! does not only bags gigs but also endorsements.

One is the new ad campaign of Pretty Looks a personal image and enhancement center which have local base in Cityland Megaplaza, Ortigas. Brit was chosen to be their male endorser for personal image and enhancement for men which is now their fast growing market.

Pretty Looks explained that Brit projects image of well-being by having excellent health, skin and persona inspite of challenges of maintaining one’s physical outlook specially him as professional dj/artist.

They considered Brit to generally address that affects mostly men which lack taking care of skin and body, tend to be neglected due to abuse, bad habits and pressure of their jobs.

Ask busy Brit how he keeps his best? According to source, he mantains a balance of everything from exercise, lots of water and catching up sleep if there’s no gig and mostly a regular visit to Pretty Looks to top it all!

If you want to preview the exclusive E-commercial of different DJ BRIT! can only be seen in this site, click here now!


First New Album or Single
Saturday, 08 March 2008

Sources says Manila’s Premier DJ BRIT! adds another laurel in his hat! This time as composer, arranger and producer.

He had penned already some original Filipino and English tracks with some still in the works to complete the album, in collaboration with respected artists in music industry.

Aimed to help and promote our very own Filipino music industry not just locally but globally, and same time wishes as craft to himself to reach the international electronica/dance charts.

So far it is being decided whether it will be a single or an album first, but fans assured of this exciting work of art, hopefully targeted for release last quarter of this year.


Manila Goes BRIT!
Saturday, 08 March 2008

Yes you heard, see and experience the music of original Manila’s Premier DJ BRIT! in all new form as he opened 2008 with a bang!

This phenomenal dj with a touch of gold everytime he gigs had his salvo with a surprise red hot opening of new Club Socialista in Remedios Malate on February 7, 2008 which he was tapped to handle the Saturday residency. Followed by, after a half year of absence, the “prodigal dj” comes back with extended warm welcome of the one and only avante garde Club Government in Makati on February 8, 2008 which he previously played for more than 2 years as Thursdays and Fridays resident dj.

To date, Brit are flocked with offers from various clubs, events, gigs, etc. in and out of the country. So we asked Brit, who is busy as a bee his secret? He simply answered, “Always think and thank GOD in everything you do foremost!”

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