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This artist make or break clubs and bars, a top crowd drawer every time he gigs, he dishes wild mixes guaranteed to make clubbers go to extremes, punting and crawling until wee hours of morning!

Started in 1996 just for fun at the bohemian and legendary BLUE CAFÉ, Malate where clubs and bars were not visible yet,  it earned him already  good reviews.
an interview exclusive by Paulo Burro (writer, athlete & college senior of San Beda College)

PB: How would you describe your music?
BRIT: It’s unpredictable. Infectious. Simply you can describe it as a FREEDOM or LIBERTY of dance music! NO rules NO inhibitions! It’s something like a fiction book or indie movie full of passion, art and expression. I always make sure my set is always innovative whenever I perform each of its kind. I love to play and have fun with my audience because they shell out and revelry with you to get their reward of a great night party!

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Top DJ gives back

To evolve in his usual foray every time he performs is the trademark of reluctant superstar DJ Brit. What is interesting is he never loses style-mix power to upfront new tunes that are currently making waves on all the right dance floors from clubs to arenas.

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